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Ad. Campaign Planning/Implementation & Management, Promotions

Marketing is everything you do to place your product or service in the hands of potential customers. 

It includes diverse disciplines like sales, public relations, pricing, packaging, and distribution. 


Marketing is your strategy for allocating resources (time and money) in order to achieve your objectives (a fair profit for supplying a good product or service). 


Yet the most brilliant strategy won't help you earn a profit or achieve your wildest dreams if it isn't built around your potential customers. 

A strategy that isn't based on customers is rather like a man who knows a thousand ways to sell gorilla food, but doesn't know anyone who owns a gorilla. Great in theory but unrewarding in practice. Marketing doesn't begin with a great idea or a unique product. It begins with customers -- those people who want or need your product and will actually buy it. 


Entrepreneurs are in love with their ideas, products, or services and they innocently assume other people will feel the same. Here's the bad news -- it just doesn't work that way!  People have their own unique perceptions of the world based on their belief system. The most innovative ideas, the greatest products, or a superior service succeed only when you market within the context of people's perceptions. 

Napoleón                    Beraza

Napoleón                    Beraza

Event Coordination, Press Releases, Market Involvement. 
 Many years of experience in the Broadcast Media and Advertising industries includes a big amount of Public Relations; developing Media Press Kits, preparing, editing and coordinating Press Releases, talking points and Media related events.


Napoleon has been working on both sides (PR & Media) so he knows the response that Media requests and how to respond to Media opportunities in television, radio. and newspaper.  Has been used to have an updated list of Media contacts since he knows the importance (and have the "know how") to identify, design and implement strategies to leverage launch of reports with local events and Media.


His background with Media and Advertising industries includes a big amount of Public Relations developing a very valuable skill in implementing strategic PR plans at every needed level (Local Market, Business, Government, and Media) with strong emphasis in the development of interpersonal communication. 


Working in national campaigns with some of the main Advertising Agencies has given him the knowledge of advertising, Ad methods & strategies, techniques and public relations. 


Years of being responsible for the success of Ad. Campaigns, the same as on the air radio and TV shows and newscasts skilled him in the planning and implementation of promotions and special events. 

As Ad. Creative and Media Executive Producer is also used to work under pressure, establishing priorities, meeting tight deadlines and handling high responsibility in managing teams, distribution of time and handling budgets, beeing at the same time efficient in organizing, planning and goal achieving. 


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