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Napoleón                    Beraza

Napoleón                    Beraza


When Parker Pen marketed a ballpoint pen in Mexico, its ads

were supposed to say:


“It won’t leak in your pocket and embarrass you."


However, the company mistakenly thought the word “Eembarazar” meant embarrass in spanish.


Instead the ads said that “It wont leak in your pocket and make you pregnant.”

The biggest error in translation is just deliver word by word from one language into another, a good translation should deliver not only words but the message with ideas and concepts, "transcreation" is my idea of "creative-translation" from English into Spanish, is going beyond words, reaching the real meaning, mood and feelings.


Translating for advertising and media requires a great amount of creativity, you are trying to connect with the feelings and the mood of your audience usually letting them feel not only the message but what is transmitted at subliminal level. It's really a creative work in wich you not only need to master both languages (English-Spanish)but to be a real professional in advertising and media. At the same time you need to have an exceptional knowledge of every aspect of your target language.


Translating for news is totally different. News require a great power of syntesis and a lot of speed since you are always on a tight deadline. You also need to have the capacity to read a big amount of news-wires, press releases, etc. and to understand and to grasp the gist of the selected stories, taking care of the impartiality, ethics and legal implications of each one. The average amount of stories that should be selected is about 50 per newscast. Being Executive Producer usually puts me in charge of at least 2 newscast per day.


I have also experience in the traditional translation/interpreting field. Working with interpretation agencies I have done consecutive medical and legal interpretations. I have been also doing simultaneous interpretation for several conferences and events. As a translator I have done writen translation of different types of documents and books.

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