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Napoleón                    Beraza

Napoleón                    Beraza



A Child takes a breather in one scene from Napoleon Beraza's documentary on the StarShine Education Program. Beraza explains: "My decision to make (this documentary) was because I believe that it creates transformational community schools by igniting and enabling the aspirations of children in at-risk communities".








Through office of representatives, Gov. Janet Napolitano presented an award to Napoleon Beraza, a mass media consultant born in Mexico and currently living in Phoenix, for his work on a documentary about the StarShine Education Program, being used in two charter schools in the Valley.


The schools, noted as an excellent model by the United Nations, serve mostly Latino kids.


Ït is an honor not only to receive this recognition, but the chance to work in projects that aims to help youth and to teach ethical values that they can apply when somebody else wants to teach the opposite to them..." said Beraza. "In this documentary, we want to show that there still are some who dare to dream and the results of commiting themselves to make what others consider impossible..."






Janet Napolitano



Office of the Governor




Be it hereby known to all that I,

Janet Napolitano

Governor of the State of Arizona

do hereby offer my sincere appretiation to


Napoleon Beraza


Thank you for your contribution to your community by supporting the positive development of Arizona's youth through mentoring. Your involvement demonstrates compassion and leadership and has set a hight standard of service for your community.


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